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Rather than spend money on New Delhi hotels, hostels or backpacker accommodation, take advantage of GlobalFreeloaders hospitality by staying with a fellow member for free! Not only do you get to save money - you also get to see New Delhi from a local's perspective!

All these GlobalFreeloaders members are in New Delhi and may be available to host you while you're in the area. All you need to do is sign up to, and you could be arranging your stay in New Delhi with them in minutes!
Meet people prepared to show you the best of New Delhi!
I have a three bedroom house, out of which one is my parents' room, one is mine and the third is a guestroom. This third room would usually be availible for you, but in case it's not, I'll be willing to share my room which has a double bed. In the worst case, you can make yourself comfortable on my living room couch. I stay in a green, open, safe and extremely clean university campus (IIT) right in the centre of South Delhi, which is the poshest part of Delhi- you have access to good restaurants and pubs, good shops etc. In any case Delhi is a very large city and you'll spend a lot of time commuting, if you want to explore it and its wonderful monuments. I possess a car and if I find time, I would be happy to show you around a bit, otherwise I would definitely help you with the public transport and try to get you good deals. As for food, you can eat homemade Indian food (free of cost) at our place if you're coming for a short-duration (say 2-3 days). Otherwise I'd expect you to buy your own food but you can feel free to use the kitchen. Delhi is your gateway to North India and you'll definitely have to base yourself here if you plan to visit any place in North India (like Jaipur, Agra, Varanasi Ladakh etc, which are all extremely well-connected to Delhi). To be frank with you, Delhi has a high and ever-increasing crime-rate. But if you stick to some precautions (that I'll guide you with), you'll be safe and can have a good time in this beautiful city. Look forward to meeting you, tata!
I m living near two most famous colleges of the India, JNU & IIT with number of other top Management Institute near by . I am living in south Delhi and my office is at INDIA HABITAT CENTER (on of the best place for Art, Music, Drama, Paintings, shows and exhibitions). The most famous land mark, Qutab Minar is just a 5 min by Bus, Bike and 25 min by walk. Pvr priya(Vasant Kunj) and Saket one of the best places in Delhi to hang around, nearby. You can find lots of Coffee bars, restaurant, bubs, Disc and movie halls. I usually go to bed around 11-12 P.M and wake up at 7 A.M. Monday to Friday I work( well thats the other story i some times go to sleep at 7 am on weekdays) ... Saturday and Sunday I am usually free .... If you are one bed can be offered but for 2 don't mind the floor with mattress. Public transports are easily available. I can show people around depending around my surroundings if you come on weekends. I work on weekdays so their is no chance I can come with you. When you are being hosted in my little rooms feel free to use every thing, Do what u feel like, but don't bring the roof down (I think my landlord won't like it). Being a student (now in job) and living in student area you can expect free environment and hassle free life. If you are comfortable then I can host you. One thing I forgot, if you like to walk/jog in morning then probably u might wanna check out the Jungle(forest) near my place just 2 minutes walk, its beautiful.
Southwest Delhi 2017 January. Call at +919999791835. Speak English Rk Puram Sect-5 Can help you as a guide. You can eat free with us or sometimes if we think you are a nice to us we can take you to restaurants. If you want to you can drink, but its upon your capacity, and if you don't drink then we also will not going to drink. We can give you seprate bed as well as you can sleep in our beds too. Any one boys, girls or old Young's any age but hygienic people . You can be yourself here and allow to enjoy everything. 1 person to 5 people can come for as much as they want to stay.. but if good at adjusting then more too We are five bachelor's One American guy(26 sober but smart in technical) living from September 2016 , one Indian guy (19 but looks like 15 yr heps us to cook and have no famil, live here can't speak English but quite and innocent),from dec 2016 My brother (23 have beard , don't do anything except gym and chilling entertainment) Dad(51 skinny old man is the root of this home.. we all don't do anything.nothing just take care of dad, my dad works in supreme court) Me (18 you will be amazed by meeting me) Close to post office, banks, Haus Khas village, clubs, discos, restaurants, malls, airport, cyber hub, metro, library, india gate, red fort, all at walking distance, less than 1 or 2 km. 20-50 rupees per meal only.
I have just moved into an apartment in the outskirts of Delhi and am in the process of setting it up. I don't know the city too well, yet. I live alone. I guess i can offer mattresses for 1 person with a blanket in the winter, more than that, you need to bring your own sleeping bag. Don't have any pets, though that may change in the future. I smoke socially (green friendly) mostly on the balcony. Gurgaon is an urban sprawl with a bunch of idiotic shopping malls mushrooming all round, I don't find it very interesting. For me Old Delhi is where the attraction is. I have a fairly busy day job, so you need to plan ahead to spend some time with me, but I would be glad to show you around as I drive myself. I am a night owl, my brain is mushy in the morning. I can host someone anytime, as long as you abide by some simple rules, like, clean after yourself, don't be destructive, treat me with affability and respect and I will do the same. And very important, "happy" is good for me, so don't forget to bring a smile. My place should not be considered as an impersonal hotel, because it is not, so if you want to stay with me, be prepared to spend some time hanging out with me. As for duration of stay, about a week sounds quite do-able, more than that, let's talk first as I travel often.
Small room with a comfortable queen sized bed in my 3 bedroom flat. Well for your information I am an Indian (specificaly Punjabi if u know) by birth and 33yrs of age and in export business.My friend called Ninder stays here. I am away in punjab most of the time, but Ninder will take care of you. Also we have a domestic worker called Deepak. He does most of th cooking and cleaning. So you have the option of experiencing punjabi food if you want. ( no money accepted for anything that is available at home). You are also welcome to use kitchen if you want to prepare your own dishes. Smoking or drinking is ok as long as you behave normal . No other drugs allowed. Please let me know of the exact dates atleast a week in advance. Also i have a house in Phagwara city of Punjab if you need to stop in punjab for few days. I speak satisfactory english and Ninder can uderstand but not very fluent in speaking. We are close to shops and public transport. We'll consider hosting anyone for up to a week, as long as you respect our property and space. though you can smoke Spare Room 34 0.0
I have a spare bedroom but I sometimes host more than one couch surfer at a time so you might have to share the room with them or with me. I live in south delhi with easy access to all main markets and historical monuments. I live in a quiet residential block along with my boyfriend and our two dogs - Ali Baba and Boom-Boom . Both of us are smokers and drink occassionally. We like to go out at least once a week and are very fond of travelling. Hes a fashion designer and I am a documentary film-maker,though now I work with him on our clothing label. We are self employed and it may be possible( though not always) for us to take you around town. Dog lovers only!! In case you haven't noticed I'm gay - No homophobes and no rabid right-wing zealots please! Update : My boyfriend and I are no longer together so it's just me now. I will be travelling from the 10th to the 20th of March so please don't send in requests during that time :)
A cosy guestroom with a double bed in my apartment in a suburb of New Delhi, just 20Kms from the heart of the Capital. The room has a balcony shared with the master bedroom. The view from this room is phenomenal on both sides as we are on the 7th floor (with elevators, back up generators, airconditioning, etc.). It is very well connected, as are all parts of Delhi, and we love to have international visitors in our country and in our home so you definitely don't have to worry about food. You can eat with me and and whatever members of my family and friends that are currently living at home. As far as Culture is concerned, I am passionate about historic Delhi and there is an endless variety art, architecture, villages, monuments and contemporary Delhi to see from my home as a base. Not to mention all of India from Delhi. Hope to meet you in your part of the world or mine, sometime over this really cool concept and website.
A small room with a comfortable bed in my medium sized apartment in South Delhi. The apartment is very close to the airport and about 30-40 minutes from the main railway station. The apartment is on the third floor and you will need to climb precisely 45 steps to get to my place (no lifts!). The accomodation includes kitchen facility and a bathroom/toilet (electric geyser for hot water). Feel free to use the kitchen if you wish, but you will have to buy your own provisions and seek prior permission before using the facility. Electric points are available in case you wish to charge your camera/phone, etc. but you will need to ensure that your plugs are compatible. Google the details to see the kind we use in India. South Delhi is where all the action is and contains all the night spots, cinemas, parks, etc. It is about 20-30 minutes by road from Central Delhi where there are monuments of historical significance.
Hello, I live in sarita vihar, New Delhi. My house is near new friends colony, noida, nehru place, and faridabad, areas in south delhi like g.k., easf of kailash, lajpat nagar are 15 minutes drive. Sarita vihar has a metro station. I'm single guy living alone in Delhi and doing business. I have a large spare independent room, with LCD TV, King Size Bed with mattresses, Air Conditioner, independent bathroom and Balcony. It's an apartment/flat and is beautiful, you'll just love the amenities. You can see a beautiful park from your room balcony in the morning. Common facilities of the house include, Kitchen, Lobby, water purifier, Fridge, Dining Table, Microwave, , Home Theater, PS3, DVD Player, Water purifier and power backup. Everything is available on walking distance, Food, wine, shopping, restaurants, metro station. Come be my guest and explore New Delhi.
Welcome to India and Delhi !! We live in a Sub-urb in delhi which is far away from the central city crowd and well connected to city between 2-20 KM. As much time you can live with us and as u will live like our family member I am sure you will enjoy your stay with me and my family. I will tell you more insights about the culture of Delhi and India. Our home is 10 KM or 20 minutes drive from the IGI International Airport, Delhi ..... 30 min from Connaught place, new delhi..., 4 KM or 10 min from latest metro station and walkable distance from Bus Stop. I am an Actor who plays the role of Engineer, Economic Analyst, Travel Guide, Spiritual Healer in real life as and when have to do. I enjoys biking, adventure sports, travelling, trekking in Himalyas, music and movies and meditation and social work.

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